Real Estate

Be the difference for your luxury or estate clients. Aerial photography can capture breathtaking angles higher than a ladder and lower than a helicopter. The only limit to exposing the beauty of your clients’ homes is your imagination.

  • Stunning Views of any estate to make clients happy and buyers intrigued
  • Safe 20 years of experience with flying and photography
  • Speedy scheduling and filming helps you get to market faster
  • Flexible to photograph from virtually any angle
  • Affordable for the value – high-definition images at a fraction of the cost of renting helicopters with camera gear

Mapping, Surveying, Planning

Move away from expensive helicopters or slow manual surveying. Our breakthrough approach turns aerial imagery into millions of topographical data points within 24 hours. Our 20 years of aerial experience and innovative software technology combine to give a service superior to any option:

Our Advantages:

  • Accurate to help you make better decisions
  • Safe because no workers are at risk when taking aerial photos or in the field
  • Speedy implementation and data processing gives businesses a competitive edge
  • Flexible to photograph any environment for image and data collection
  • Affordable for the value – of images and data at a fraction of the cost of renting helicopters with camera gear

We offer: 

All services available to be:

Orthorectified: make exact real world measurements within the digital model
Georectified: introduce real world Lattidudal and Longitudal coordinates into the model to use with GPS systems or Google Earth