Mapping, Surveying & Surface Modeling

See every square inch with centimeter level accuracy.

The future of Mapping, Surveying & Surface Modeling is here today.  Our drone mapping, drone surveying and drone surface modeling services delivers ultra-high resolution 2d & 3d maps, 2d & 3d existing conditions models as well as Digital Terrain Models, deliverable in a variety of industry standard formats.  Our service include:

Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps

  • Highly detailed, with centimeter level GSD’s (Ground Sampling Distances).
  • Centimeter level measuring accuracy across the entire project.
  • Easily visualize site progress or changes over time via regularly scheduled missions.
  • Export to Google Earth/Maps.
  • Great as Base Camp maps for any operation involving large areas.

DSM’s /DTM’s/DEM’s, Contour Lines and Property Surveys

  • Quickly understand and visualize the surrounding terrain.
  • Quick volumetric measurements for quarries, mines and stockpiles.
  • Great visualization tool for predicting water run-off or flooding patterns.
  • Monitor rates of erosion or other changes in the surrounding terrain.
From Reality Model to Orthomosaic Map to Topographic Map:
Our experienced pilots know how to capture every detail safely and our custom built UAV’s, or drones, which carry ultra-high resolution image sensors of up to 50 megepixels, don’t miss a thing.  Combining our capabilities with our Licensed Surveying and Professional Engineering Partners reassures that our deliverables fall within your tolerances and specifications.
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