Faster, Safer, More Detailed

With our sUAV & Drone Inspection Service, we deliver imagery and data that will help you to document and to make timely and informed decisions regarding the state of your asset.  Our range of deliverables are suited for all types of inspections and we have options available to steamline your inspection process in the case of large or multiple inspections/assets.  Our process will save you time and money, help you to reduce the risk of injury to personnel and improve the quality of your current inspection and documentation process, all from the comfort and safety of your office.

Drone Inspections Using 3d/Reality Modeling

  • High resolution photorealistic model lets you inspect the model.
  • Ideal for very large inspections, 1000’s of images.
  • Direct access to original images for areas of interest via efficient photo navigation.
  • Engineering ready model.
  • Free viewer for visualization and measuring length, area and volume.
  • Optional survey grade accuracy.
Click on image below for interactive Reality Model:

Drone Inspections Using Still Images

  • Highly detailed, up to 50 megapixel image sensor captures even the smallest details.
  • No special software required, high resolution JPEG images can be viewed on any device.
  • Optional web portal for intuitive photo navigation and to organize multiple inspections/assets.
  • Excellent tool for inspecting & documenting buildings, roofs, bridges & other infrastructure.

Drone Inspections Using Video

  • Highly detailed, up to 4K video quality.
  • Excellent for corridor inspections like roads, railroads, pipelines and powerlines.
  • Inspect and document up to 15 miles per day.