Photography and Video

Capture breathtaking views that surprise and delight.

Aerial Photography and Videography is beneficial to many industries.  Whether you are a proud homeowner looking for stunning aerial photos of your home or in need of professionally produced and edited Full HD video for promotional purposes, we can help realize your vision.

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Sample Videos

Insurance Agents, Solar Power Suppliers, Contractors, Roofers: don’t risk going on a roof.
Safe, drone aerial photography begins at only $99, and same-day service!

For insurance companies, power companies, cellular network providers or local and federal governments, we provide imagery to inspect buildings, towers, stacks, bridges and other structures which may be to difficult or dangerous to inspect manually.  Our full-frame, high pixel count and fully stabilized cameras let you see every detail.
Our imagery helps Builders/Developers research, analyze and promote their projects.  You can rely on us for consistent imagery from repeatable angles and altitudes taken at regularly scheduled intervals to help you track and visualize the progress of your projects.
Quickly and effortlessly inspect the largest of areas for things like plant and tree health. More on Precision Agriculture.
If you have a small wedding ceremony in your backyard, sporting or charity events, we deliver professional quality raw or produced and edited imagery for use as fond memories or on your web and social media sites.
Few things leave a more stunning impression on your audience than aerial imagery.  We work with you to develop imagery that will leave a lasting impression in your marketing, promotional or advertising campaigns, helping to increase both interest in your product and traffic on your web and social media sites.
Whether you need imagery of completed or developing projects, project sites or pre and post installation, we can provide you with detailed visual imagery or DSM’s, DTM’s, DEM’s, Point Clouds and Textured 3D Models which seamlessly import directly into a wide variety of GIS, CAD and traditional photogrammetry software.