About Us

I’m Michael Tadros, CEO of Flying Saucer Solutions, Inc. With over 20 years of piloting unmanned aerial vehicles, we are prepared and capable for any situation you have. Mapping, Surveying, Data, Real Estate, you name it. Read more to learn how our precision, safety, and reliability saves you time, hassle, and money.



  • Complete a pre-mission site visit in order to establish the best possible mission plan and to identify any hazards or obstacles.
  • Provide Commercial Liability Insurance of $1,000,000.00 with options for additional insured.
  • Establish a secure take-off and landing area.
  • Establish emergency procedures in the unlikely event of an airborne emergency, to include locations for ditching of the aircraft should it become necessary.
  • Adhere to strict pre and post mission checklists as well as all FAA regulations.


Our sUAV’s have safety built in.  With the highest industry standard in emergency automated systems our aircraft will:

  • Automatically return to its takeoff position should the radio control signal be interrupted or lost, or onboard power fall to a specified minimum.
  • Continue to fly if one motor becomes inoperable (octocopter only).
  • Avoid radio interference by utilizing frequency modulating radio control technology.


With our experience and wide range in capabilities, we can handle any mission and any budget, large or small.  We are happy to:

  • Explain every step of the process until you feel comfortable.
  • Provide a free and detailed written estimate.
  • Deliver what YOU need in quality YOU expect when YOU need it, guaranteed.  From raw imagery or data, to professionally produced and edited results, whether obtained by a high quality GoPro type camera – or the professionals camera of choice, the Canon 5D Mark III – we can satisfy a wide range of missions.
  • Post-process every step of every mission in-house so as not to rely on outsourced services.
  • Work with any size budget and as such we DO NOT have a minimum charge.  Many mission can be completed less than one hour.

For each mission, we deliver a detailed Quality Report so that you may rest assured that our results fall within your specifications.